What is a parking light?

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What is a parking light?

Have parking lots always been a stressful and intimidating place for you since childhood? For instance, when entering a parking lot, the fear of potential collisions with other vehicles or pedestrians might overwhelm you. One crucial aspect of parking lot design is the implementation of proper lighting. Unfortunately, in most parking lots, adequate lighting is often overlooked. The lighting conditions tend to swing between extremes, either being too dim, creating a spooky and unsettling atmosphere, or excessively bright, causing discomfort to the eyes. Therefore, parking lot illumination is not only essential for visibility but also plays a pivotal role in enhancing security.

Parking lights are fixtures designed for use in the parking areas of residential homes, commercial complexes, villas, or open-air parking lots. Depending on the parking lot layout, selecting the appropriate lighting model becomes crucial. Considering factors such as brightness levels, lighting principles, and awareness of choosing the best lighting model holds significant importance. Trusting BitaNoor for your lighting needs is a wise choice, as they strive to provide you with the best options available.

Types of parking lights:

Parking lights are products that must align with the objectives mentioned earlier in this article, addressing specific needs based on the type of environment and space. They are categorized into several types based on their installation location:

  1. Ceiling Parking Lights: The most crucial interior lighting for parking lots is ceiling lighting. Nearly all light sources that provide and enhance visibility are strategically placed on the ceiling. The proper installation of these lights significantly influences their brightness levels. It’s essential to ensure that the brightness doesn’t cause inconvenience for drivers and that the light is sufficient for clear visibility of guidance and warning signs. Standardization and high durability are also key factors to consider when purchasing these lights.

  2. Wall Parking Lights: Wall-mounted parking lights are designed to be attached to the wall. They have a simple and sleek appearance while being highly elegant. These lights can also be installed on columns to prevent collisions and add aesthetic appeal by balancing warm and hidden lights in the environment. Wall lights are particularly practical for illuminating spaces where ceiling lights may not provide complete visibility.

  3. Floor Parking Lights: Another type of parking light is installed on the floor, commonly referred to as embedded lights. The use of floor lights is prevalent in covered ramps and open-air parking lots to precisely indicate parking locations at night.

  4. Area Parking Lights: These lights, also known as bollard lights, are famous for open-air parking lots and public spaces. Parking lots situated in specific city areas require lights that effectively illuminate the space. The best model for open-air parking lots is considered to be this type of lighting. The materials used in these lights ensure high resistance to weather conditions.

  5. Linear Lights: Among the most modern lighting products, linear lights can be installed either surface-mounted or recessed. These slim-designed lights are constructed with LED technology, offering excellent light emission and energy efficiency. Suitable for both public and residential parking areas, they not only possess a simple design but also provide unique lighting.

  6. Halogen Lights: This type of light is one of the most practical options for illuminating residential and commercial parking lots, emphasizing accent lighting. Newer halogen lights equipped with SMD and COB technologies offer easy replacement and installation, producing superior brightness.

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Purchasing parking lights and its benefits:

Buying parking lights has two main advantages for you:

  • Ease and Convenience in Parking: With the installation of parking lights, identifying your vehicle’s precise parking location becomes easy, saving you time and energy.

  • Enhanced Security: Parking lights assist in easily recognizing your vehicle’s exact parking location, reducing the risk of collisions and providing added security.

  • Reduced Collision Risk: By using parking lights, maintaining a clear distance between your vehicle and others in the parking lot becomes manageable, reducing the risk of collisions.

  • Time Savings: With parking lights in place, there’s no need to search for your vehicle in the parking lot, saving you valuable time.

  • Portable and Lightweight: Many parking lights are lightweight and portable, easily transferable to any parking space.

Given the advantages of parking lights, this product serves as an effective tool in improving and increasing safety and convenience in your vehicle parking experience.

Types of parking lights based on design and function:

  1. Sensor Parking Lights: This ceiling light model eliminates the need for manual activation, turning on automatically upon the entry of individuals or vehicles. This sensor-driven feature results in significant energy savings, especially in public parking lots where sunlight is often insufficient. With vehicles moving in and out from early morning until late at night, keeping all lights on for extended periods would lead to high electricity consumption. Therefore, sensor lights prove to be the best solution for public parking lot illumination. Additionally, they enhance security by automatically detecting the presence of strangers when the lights turn on.

  2. Solar Parking Lights: Solar perimeter lights have various applications, with one of the most common being in open-air parking lots. Due to their usage in parking areas and other public spaces, these lights are also known as solar parking lights. One major advantage is their energy efficiency, contributing to significant energy savings.

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Buying Guide for Parking Lights:

  • Body Color of the Light: Parking lights come in diverse models and colors. Choosing the best one based on personal preference helps create a unified and aesthetically pleasing environment.

  • Style and Chic Design: Parking lights are available in wall-mounted, pole-mounted, ceiling-mounted, and recessed models, catering to various design styles from classic and modern to royal and luxurious. Decorative parking light models can be used for special buildings.

  • Build Quality: Parking lights, especially those intended for public parking, must be fully resistant to environmental factors. Choose lights with inherent resistance to impact and corrosion, constructed using modern methods. Factors like environmental pollutants, sunlight exposure, moisture, snow, and rain can have detrimental effects on lights.

  • Price of Illumination: During the purchase, be mindful not to confuse watts with lumens. Focus on lumens, indicating the amount of light emitted by the lamp, rather than watts, which represent energy consumption.

Best Type of Parking Light:

  • Quality of Construction: High-quality, durable materials should be used in the production of parking lights.

  • Modern Technology: The use of contemporary technology in the manufacture of these lights is essential.

  • Diversity in Color, Size, Model, and Design: Parking lights should offer variety in terms of color, size, model, and design to suit different preferences.

  • Easy Installation: Lights should be easy to install, even by the end-user.

  • Online Purchase and Reliable Installation: The option to purchase online and ensure a reliable installation is crucial.

  • After-Sales Service and Product Warranty: Access to after-sales services and product warranties adds to the appeal of parking lights.

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Key Features of Parking Lights:

  • Uniform Light Distribution: Parking lights should provide consistent illumination throughout the area.

  • Adequate Brightness and Light: The light should be bright enough to ensure visibility without causing discomfort.

  • Elimination of Dark Spaces: Avoiding dark spots and blind spots enhances safety and security.

  • Short Duration for Smart Lights: Smart lights with rapid activation and deactivation are preferable for parking areas.

Principles of Parking Area Lighting:

  • Optimizing Power Consumption: LED lamps are recommended for their energy efficiency, especially in enclosed parking spaces.

  • Light Flux: The light flux, measured in lumens, is crucial for parking lot illumination. It should be sufficient for good visibility without causing discomfort.

  • Consider Color Rendering Index (CRI): A CRI above 80 is recommended for parking lights, ensuring natural color representation.

In summary, choosing the right parking light is vital, considering factors such as construction quality, modern technology, diversity in design, easy installation, online purchase options, and after-sales service. Additionally, adhering to lighting principles, such as optimizing power consumption, adequate light flux, and considering the Color Rendering Index, ensures an effective parking illumination solution. For open-air parking lots, LED lights with a power rating of 150 watts, positioned at heights of 6 to 7 meters, with a distance between lights ranging from 15 to 25 meters, are recommended. For home and residential parking, a brightness of 250 to 300 lux at the entrance is sufficient.

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