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Welcome to the official website of bitanoor Lighting Industries

It is the proud of bitanoor Lighting Industries, with its 20-year record of decorative lights production and distribution, that collecting a detailed collection of park lights, landscape lights, garden lights and aluminum bases for different light and lightings to offer a new service to its customers. The honorable visitors of bitanoor Lighting Industrial Co.’s website are invited to visit news section of bitanoor website. The products of bitanoor Lighting Industries include all types of park lights, landscape lights, garden lights, grass lights, decorative wall lights, aluminum lights bases for low-consuming lamps and tungsten lamps etc.  

Some features of bitanoor Lighting Industries

All landscape lights of this manufacturing unit have no Iranian similar samples and made of aluminum and infused and made by die-cast method.

Use of standard and hyper-temperature resistant ceramic holders;

Including earth wire for more safety;

All components, before coloring are coated by phosphated for more durability and better absorption of color, then colored by polyester electrostatic powder that is very resistant to sunlight.

All products before packing are revised by the experienced experts and quality control label is attached thereon.

Beautiful and impact resistant and transport packing

Ease in installation and transport


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